Corporate Overview

General Dynamics is a market leader in business aviation; combat vehicles, weapons systems and munitions; shipbuilding; and communication and information technology systems and solutions.

The company was formed in 1952 through the combination of the Electric Boat Company, Consolidated Vultee (CONVAIR) and several others.

The company grew organically and through acquisitions until the early 1990s, when we sold nearly all of our divisions except Electric Boat and Land Systems. Starting in the mid-1990s, we began expanding by acquiring combat vehicle-related businesses, additional shipyards, information technology product and service companies and Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.

Since then we have acquired and integrated more than 65 businesses to strengthen and complement our business portfolio.

Our Organization

The company is organized into four business groups: Aerospace, Combat Systems, Information Systems and Technology and Marine Systems. Each business group is a leader in the markets it serves and comprises several business units. To learn more about each business group and its business units, please click through the links below.

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Balanced Business Model

The company executes its strategic plans in the framework of a balanced business model that gives the leaders of individual business units great operational flexibility. This allows our business units to stay close to their customers and to be responsive to changing customer needs and opportunities.

Another result of this model is that General Dynamics' business units are responsible for supporting themselves with the administrative services they need to achieve their goals. Among these are human resources, supply-chain management, marketing and business development.

Our corporate leaders are responsible for setting the overall direction of the business and for the allocation of capital. The corporation's headquarters organization supports the business units and is structured to fulfill our legal, financial and regulatory responsibilities as efficiently as possible.

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