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Frequently Asked Questions


How does a supplier do business with General Dynamics?

Suppliers need to register on the General Dynamics Supplier Registration Portal. Suppliers should also review each of the business unit websites to learn more about their products and services and find the best fit for your solutions. Links to those websites can be found here:

How can we get on General Dynamics' approved supplier list?

Please refer to each of the General Dynamics business unit websites since approval criteria vary by business unit. Qualification requirements are also typically identified with specific solicitations from the business unit.

How does a small business contact General Dynamics?

Start by identifying the specific business unit where a potential fit exists. Many of our business units post supplier points of contact on their websites.

How does General Dynamics determine teaming partners?

The potential for teaming partners arise based on specific business opportunity needs. Please refer to the specific business unit for more information. You may also contact the Small Business Liason Locator(SBLO) for additional information specific to that business unit.


What does General Dynamics purchase?

General Dynamics purchases a wide variety of goods and services. These goods and services include raw materials, components, subsystems and assemblies, COTS products, IT services, training and engineering services. Please check each business unit website to better understand their supply chain needs.

What does General Dynamics look for in a supplier?

General Dynamics considers many factors when determining team composition or making purchasing decisions. These decisions may vary depending upon priorities and requirements, including:

  • Core capabilities, product or services offering resource availability and ability to recruit qualified candidates
  • Geographic location or customer proximity
  • Organizational conflicts of interest (OCI)
  • Past performance and reputation
  • Personnel experience
  • Dependability, responsiveness and teamwork
  • Market niche
  • Core capabilities

Additionally, we expect suppliers to demonstrate the following (business units may have additional special technical or quality requirements unique to their environment):

  • Financial viability
  • High ethical standards
  • Competitive pricing
  • Appropriate industry quality procedures and processes
  • Cost reduction program
  • Cycle time reduction program
  • Ability to offer a technological or service advantage over competitors
  • Innovations in the delivery of goods or services (to include applying e-commerce, EDI, hubbing, etc.)
How do I find out which General Dynamics’ division is working on a specific contract?

You can learn more about programs, products and specific contracts by visiting our business unit websites.

We recommend you be proactive in all your marketing efforts. Proactive marketing includes doing research to determine where to put your resources and efforts so that you can focus on those customers and technical areas where it makes the most business sense for you. Focused efforts include participating in the right networking events (specific conferences and other events related to your target market), meeting with the technical and program managers in the government as well as with the primes, including other small businesses that can team with you on opportunities of common interest. This will help you understand the customers’ mission, their technical requirements and where opportunities may exist in the future so that you determine your interest in participating and contact potential teaming partners. You may contact the business unit SBLO to express interest in being considered as a vendor, stating where you have core capabilities relevant to that unit or to a specific opportunity of interest.

Will our company have the opportunity to meet with a General Dynamics representative or be included in proposals and/or quoting process?

We meet with companies based on requirements for upcoming opportunities. Please register on our Supplier Portal to ensure you get on our list of suppliers.

We currently do business with one business unit of General Dynamics. How can we get involved with other business units?

By registering on our Supplier Portal you will be given visibility across the company. You should also review individual business unit websites to get a better understanding of their contracts and needs. If you see a fit with one unit, contact the local SBLO. Additionally, consider attending outreach events where General Dynamics will have a presence, such as those listed on the Supplier Diversity website and the business unit specific events page.

How does General Dynamics identify potential new partners for upcoming opportunities?

General Dynamics identifies sources through various mechanisms, including our Supplier Portal, System for Award Management (SAM), Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS), Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE), VET BIZ, National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and other areas state, local and regional databases. We also meet new suppliers and teammates at national, local and regional conferences we attend. Visit the Supplier Events section for a list of outreach opportunities. Potential sources are also identified through our participation in local, regional and national associations such as Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), Industry Advisory Council (IAC), TRIAD, DoD Regional Councils, ISM, local Minority Supplier Development Councils (MSDC), and others.


How can a supplier register as a potential source with General Dynamics?

A supplier can register as a potential source through the General Dynamics Enterprise Supplier Management portal located at You will be asked to set-up an ID and password. This allows you to update your information as needed. We strongly recommend you upload capabilities briefings or line cards (in the Documents Tab) and include unique and descriptive keywords in the Capabilities. Please complete the Capabilities Tab as thoroughly as possible, since this tab contains the most common type of search elements we would use in looking for small businesses.

If a supplier registers will they be certain to receive requests for quotes or purchase orders from General Dynamics?

General Dynamics provides no guarantee that registrants will receive any monetary or contractual benefit. Your registration allows General Dynamics’ personnel across the enterprise to view your capabilities.

Does a supplier have to register in order to do business with General Dynamics?

While registration is not mandatory, we do ask suppliers to register as it provides a method for us to find companies to work with when opportunities arise. Only one registration is needed for your company to have visibility to all General Dynamics business units. Managers and buyers use our database to find subcontractors, vendors and teaming partners. And while there is no guarantee of a contractual arrangement, your company will be considered whenever we are searching for subcontractors, vendors or teaming partners.

Once registered, is my supplier database profile visible throughout all General Dynamics business units?

Yes, once you have registered in the General Dynamics Enterprise Supplier Management portal your profile will be visible to all business units.

How do I determine my company’s small business classification? NAICS codes, etc?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has established size standards based on a firm’s primary industry using NAICS codes. Information on the SBA’s methodology and size standards can be found at The firm’s primary NAICS code is used to determine the business size. Refer to FAR 2.101 to determine specific small business classification definitions. You will be required to enter in your firm’s NAICS code by number and keyword as well as your size standard when registering on the General Dynamics Enterprise Supplier Management Portal.

How can a supplier confirm their registration is complete?

When you complete your registration, you will reach the “acknowledgement” page and receive an e-mail confirming your registration details, including username and password. It’s important to retain this information for future use to keep your profile and certifications up to date.

Once registered, when can a supplier expect to be contacted by General Dynamics?

Your registration information will be kept in a database that will be used to identify potential candidates. Your registration enables General Dynamics’ personnel across the corporation to view your capabilities. Registration is without obligation of any kind on the part of the supplier or General Dynamics.

I have been assigned a supplier number from one of the General Dynamics business units. Can I use the same number when contacting other business units?

No, any supplier number assigned by an individual business unit is unique to that business unit. The General Dynamics Enterprise Supplier Management Portal is the online registration process for all business units within General Dynamics.